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Jul 27



why are dolls from the 1920’s-50’s always the ones that are haunted?? i wanna see a haunted anime love pillow

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This is the best thing ever.




This is the best thing ever.

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Jul 06

Anonymous said: Dear Luka, would you please wax passionate about Utena? I've watched the show and the movie and I liked it okay, but I just feel like there wasn't something I wasn't /getting/ about it. The feeling that there was more there than my puny brain could comprehend. D'you think you might be able to tell me what I'm missing out on?


oh don’t mind if i motherfucking do!

(i am going to be talking about sexual abuse here, so step lively if you’re sensitive to that topic. i am also going to give away the big secret at the heart of the series)

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I’ve thought a LOT about this show over the years, and this might be the most solid interpretation I’ve read yet.

Jul 01


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Don’t say “I’m not like other girls.”

Be like other girls and meld with other girls and become one with the glorious mass of writhing womanhood that will roll over the towns and the cities and devour all space and all time.

i like how our response to day-to-day shitty events of misogyny/homophobia/etc has officially become this brand of nightmarish surrealism and it genuinely makes me feel better

Katamary the patriarchy!

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Jun 28


“Whatever you now find weird, ugly, uncomfortable and nasty about a new medium will surely become its signature. CD distortion, the jitteriness of digital video, the crap sound of 8-bit - all of these will be cherished and emulated as soon as they can be avoided. It’s the sound of failure: so much modern art is the sound of things going out of control, of a medium pushing to its limits and breaking apart. The distorted guitar sound is the sound of something too loud for the medium supposed to carry it. The blues singer with the cracked voice is the sound of an emotional cry too powerful for the throat that releases it. The excitement of grainy film, of bleached-out black and white, is the excitement of witnessing events too momentous for the medium assigned to record them.” — Brian Eno, A Year With Swollen Appendices  (via gllob)

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askantiquefavor said: How about Latula in pallet 9?


here’s hoping tumblr doesn’t ruin this.